The Thirst

.:[ The Thirst ]:.

This is a fully-featured Vampire system that provides a rich array of basic Vampire functions and integration with The Thirst: Bloodlines web-based multiplayer game.

This system includes fang effects, particle effects, emotes, animations, and a scanner that will sense other avatars and tell you whether they are other Vampires or potential victims.

The Thirst: Bloodlines was designed and constructed for Liquid Designs by Lyle Maeterlinck and Mars Bracken, but please direct questions and tech support requests to the our customer support person, Noire Luminos. She will get back to you as soon as possible!

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JOMO Female Werewolf V3.0(Bento) A

JOMO Werewolf Avatar V3.0 (Bento)

Werewolf Bento version features:
* You can adjust the shape of the face by the client default slider!
* Compatible hand animation AO!
* All postures using skeletal animation, to avoid the network delay leading to partial disappearance!
* Fitted MESH, can be adjusted to your favorite shape!
* Alpha HUD let you wear other Clothing. (Not all SL Clothing)

the Cabin by Abiss

A comfortable, warm place for Second Life everyday life.
This cozy cabin is great place to call home.
Cold mornings need something relaxed. Recumbent even. Perhaps in a pouf (lazy bag) before the day warms up, as sunshine will illuminate the cabin throughout the day, while at night you can still enjoy of the beautiful details warming up some tea in the stove.

The Cabin by Abiss is the perfect spot for all seasons-an eco-friendly cabin built for the modern age,with custom woodwork throughout, giving a lodge-like ambiance, complete with a fireplace and stately furnishings. We are proudly introducing on this cabin, our new state of the art poufs.

Kylie J inspired mesh head (Full Perm with obj)

A full perm kylie jenner inspired mesh head intended for personal use, whether for avatar appearance or learning. This version of the head includes a full perm skintone that can be modified at your will as well as an obj download link.
No demo is provided due to copybot prevention.